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DJ Hire

Hiring the right DJ for your party is always going to be a tricky. There can be vast differences between the standards offered by different DJs and Mobile Discos. Some DJs, just starting out may have plenty of enthusiasm but they will lack vital party experience. It is also true that some older DJs may be a little set in their ways and will prefer to play only their favourite music. Some mobile discos use cheap mobile disco equipment but still charge high rates. Some DJs take on several bookings for the same night and don't care if they let the client down at the last minute.We know this as we regularly get last minute phone calls asking for us to supply a replacement DJ because the one originally booked has cancelled. Unfortunately the mobile disco industry is basically unregulated, anyone can buy secondhand mobile disco equipment and call themselves a professional mobile DJ. When you hire a mobile disco you will need to ask lots of questions so expect to invest a little time phoning round before you hire a DJ.

When you hire a DJ its important to consider the age of the DJ. Generally someone who has been around for longer will be more experienced at weddings, family parties, corporate functions and retro music theme nights. Younger DJs may spend more time practicing mixing current music and will often be better at nightclub events. However if the DJ is providing all the mobile disco equipment its unlikely a new DJ will have the same quality equipment as an established mobile disco. Mobile disco equipment is very expensive and most DJs build up the amount and quality of the equipment they use over several years.

When you are planning a party in order for you to be able to relax and enjoy the event you need to be confident the Mobile Disco will turn up and turn up on time. For example if the builder you hired, arrives late and doesn't have a clue what they are doing you have time to hire someone else. Although this is highly inconvenient its not the worst thing that could happen. If its a big family celebration or a corporate function that has taken months of careful planning and the DJ doesn't show up or shows up with cheap mobile disco equipment and plays the wrong choice of music then its a disaster. Unfortunately unlike most things a party is a one off so there is only one chance for a DJ to get it right on the night.

The number one way in which mobile discos are different is in the attitude of the DJ. A well established mobile disco will have many genuine letters of recommendation, know all the party venues in the area and use high quality mobile disco equipment as appropriate. Getting the party entertainment right is key to a successful party.